4- 5oz Oils of Aloha Gift sampler


A collection of our Hawaiian Macadamia Oils is available for you to experiment with in your own kitchen or to give as a special holiday gift. This selection gives you one of each of our specialty oils--Hawaiis Gold is pure, expeller pressed Hawaiian Macadamia Oil with a subtle, nutty (almost buttery) flavor. (5 oz. bottle) Kauai Herb is Hawaiian Macadamia Oil infused with herbs. Excellent for pasta, salad dressing or as a dip for crusty French bread. (5 oz. bottle) Peles Fire is the bold addition of chilis to Hawaiian Macadamia Oil to create an assertive basting sauce. (5 oz. bottle) Garlic Isle blends the flavor of roasted garlic with Hawaiian Macadamia Oil, to impart an exciting robust flavor and aroma to many of your favorite dishes. (5oz. bottle) Size:4-5oz, Package:4pk Gift Set

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